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Values of Attributes


Please understand the problem from a developer's perspective.
The Bill Texts have a lot of legal terms and complicated structures which are not
always clear to a developer as they are to a lawyer. So, can we use placeholder
or blank values when the value of an attribute is not clear to us while maintaining
the structure of the document?

That will be in synchronization with the challenge concept also:
"This work will help identify gaps in the Akoma Ntoso framework or US bill text where data cannot be incorporated properly within the existing standard, and propose new domain specific metadata elements or possibly other solutions to overcome these challenges."

I know that this style will disturb the Completeness and Accuracy to some extent but
that can be increased by working together with a lawyer. I will mention this
in my submission.

Please share your opinions.



  • Manager   •   over 9 years ago

    Dear Manojit,
    We would like to encourage you to submit the results of your hard work. However, please note, an incomplete answer must be evaluated less than a complete one, regardless of how little is missing.

    For legal terms and complicated structures which are not always clear to a developer, you can use the attribute @status term, and in the documentation you should explain the reason of the incompleteness of the refersTo.

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    Thank you for your comment.
    I've already made a submission.
    Second part of your comment is not clear to me. Please explain.

    Manojit Ghosh

  • Manager   •   over 9 years ago

    Hi Manojit,
    I'm sorry the explanation wasn't clear in the previous response. You can use the attribute @status with the value "incomplete" in any inline or element. So if you cannot complete the attribute @refersTo with a specific legal term/structure, you must at least include the word "incomplete" instead. So in your code (where “term” is the legal term you are not familiar with), you would write something like:

    @status term

    Then in your documentation, you would explain why the status for this particular legal term was defined as incomplete, so the judges will understand why you did not define it completely in Akoma Ntoso.

    I hope that helps.

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